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SKU: ST-SCHD-10001207
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Olive Shemagh Scarf by Mil-Tec, is a quality and lightweight cotton scarf, known as keffiyeh or shemagh, is one of the most recognizable pieces of garments, popular among both civilians and military, including police forces. It can be worn as a head scarf or around the neck and provides protection from direct sun exposure. It can be used to protect the mouth and eyes from blown dust and sand as well.

Product Details:

  • Mil-Tec Olive Shemagh Scarf
  • Materials: 100% cotton
  • Colour: Olive Green
  • Knotted tassel ends
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Measurement: 110x110 cm (43"x43")
  • Photo for illustrative purposes only - colour may vary due to studio lighting

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